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Viva Victor Releases Debut Single 'Sirens' with InRage Entertainment

InRage Entertainment's Artist-In-Development, Viva Victor, has officially made his debut by releasing his single 'Sirens'!

Whatever arrangement or stylistic choices Viva Victor makes in his music, at the core Victor is an artist who can strip his music down to the guitar or the piano. This comes from the influences of the troubadour, folk and bard style that was popular in Russia, where his family originally comes from. These influences also come from artists like Glen Hansard, Damien Rice and Chris Cornell. However, when it comes to production Victor's influences range across all genres. His songs will go from dance rock like Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust", to love lorn vocals a la Al Green. Born in Italy and raised in Austin, Texas Victor fell in love with performing from an early age. This started with a love of theater and acting, but his favorite act was to put on Queen's greatest hits to sing and dance along with. Since then he has performed in various plays, musicals, short films as well as open mic nights. While working in LA, Victor was signed to InRage Entertainment. There he began working on his forthcoming EP "The Eventual Release of Hate", with the first single "Sirens".

Stream 'Sirens' here:

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