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3 September 2021 (Los Angeles, CA) – InRage Entertainment teams up with Steve Englehart, the creator of the Marvel comic book character, Shang-Chi, to create an album inspired by the author and the character in celebration of Shang-Chi's move to the big screen. The album, Steve Englehart's Prism Club is available now wherever you stream your music.

Marvel is winning big -- Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings has earned over $257.6 million globally. But the first Asian superhero, would not exist if it weren't for Steve Englehart and his co-plotter and artist Jim Starlin. Steve writes about creating the character on his website: "Jim Starlin and I loved the television show Kung Fu and wanted to play with its Eastern philosophy. Nobody else at Marvel believed in it, but we got a slot in a previously-reprint title called SPECIAL MARVEL EDITION, and we co-created SHANG CHI. I meditated for a long time on the I Ching to create his name, which means "The Rising and Advancing of a Spirit," and I envisioned the title as a companion book to DR. STRANGE. After just two issues, the series was such a sensation that the the book officially became MASTER OF KUNG FU - and - Marvel added a second book, the black-and-white DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU! Shang Chi became Marvel's most popular character for years thereafter."

Shang-Chi first appeared in Special Marvel Edition #15 (December 1973) by Steve Englehart and Jim Starlin. He appeared again in issue #16, and with issue #17 (April 1974) the title was changed to The Hands of Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu.

Now, nearly 50 years later, #Marvel's choice to bring #ShangChi to life on film motivated the CEO of InRage Entertainment and Sony music producer AUTOMATIC to create an album inspired by those same comics that he read as a kid. In collaboration with InRage's Asian-American artists, Sirena, M3DI, Camber, ALEXEY, ZorDonofDoom, Nyah and Chyka Jackson, this album, like the character and the movie is a win for representation and for collaboration.

About InRage Entertainment

InRage Entertainment is a family of multi-genre artists in Los Angeles, California.



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