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Bridgerton and Beyond: Shonda Rhimes' Is Making Black History Now

For 15 years, Shonda Rhimes worked as a TV producer at ABC Studios. The popularity of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder owes their success to Rhimes. In 2017, she took her creativity to Netflix and never looked back.

If you still haven't binged Bridgerton (what are you waiting for?!), it's a romance drama that takes place during the Regency-era in England, featuring Black leads, including Queen Charlotte. IRL, the Queen married King George III six hours after meeting him for the first time in 1761. Some historians believe that she was Britain’s first Black queen and that her descendants, including Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II, have African ancestry. #BHM

But, back to Shonda Rhimes being a bad a$$.

Shondaland is keeping her foot on the gas pedal and Rhimes and her production company are making Black History Now! Statistics report that season 1 of Bridgerton ranked at #1 in 83 different countries and over 82 million viewers. It's Netflix's highest streamed show. Like ever. Damn! EVER, people. #BlackExcellence

This post-ABC success that followed Rhimes’ is a serve! Miss Shonda Rhimes did all of that and is locked down for the second season of the hit series! (How’s that for a clap back, ABC?)

Rhimes continues to be an inspiration for Black creators, and all creators in television. In the face of mistreatment and discrimination, Rhimes just keeps getting better. Rhimes is the highest-paid showrunner in television. She's already at icon status and she's got a lot more years to go!

Stay on the lookout for season 2 of Bridgerton and make way for more Shondaland success!

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