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Viva Victor Finds Freedom on His Newly Released EP Escaping

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

BY: Julia DeMarco & inRage Entertainment

30 June 2023 (Los Angeles, CA) – inRage Entertainment artist Viva Victor’s newly released EP Escaping is AVAILABLE NOW on all digital downloading and streaming sites.

Describing his songs on the EP as having many dark themes, Viva Victor’s new music is a variety of different genres with an emphasis on rock and alternative. Victor is influenced by a wide range of musicians including Al Green, who inspired the song “Voicemail” on his new EP. Born in Italy and raised in Texas, Victor has had a love for music and performing from a very young age, and was inspired by his father to dive deeper into his creativity.

Creating Escaping was a long but invigorating process for Victor. He began working on the project before the pandemic, but as the lockdowns started lasting longer and longer, he hit a creative wall, until one day he wrote the song “Omens”. After that, things began to fall into place. All along he wanted Escaping to be a personal and emotional story that was told with a common thread throughout each of the songs. The final song he wrote for the EP, “Hey Yo”, tied into the storytelling aspect of this project. Finally, he took “Rear View”, a song he had written back in 2018, and used that as the guiding creative force for the EP. Ultimately, it was the perfect ending to the EP and completed the story Victor wanted to tell.

Victor underwent a dramatic change during the creation of Escaping. As many artists will tell you, starting a project is the easy part; completing it is much tougher. Working with inRage was another key step in the process of making his EP come alive. Victor was able to talk with Automatic (CEO/Founder) when it came to the technical side of the music, but was given more creative freedom with this project, something he’s always wanted. After completing his latest artistic statement and finishing the journey of putting together Escaping, Victor has some advice for future singer/songwriters out there: “Working with people instead of trying to do it all yourself will be beneficial in the long run. Getting help when you need it will take your skills to the next level.”

So what’s next for Escaping? With the help of his team, Victor will start releasing visualizers over the next few weeks to go along with the songs on the EP. He will also be doing a promotional event within the next month or two. By the end of the year he hopes to expand Escaping into a full album and is looking forward to seeing where his talent will take him.


inRage Entertainment is an artist-development record label in Los Angeles, California.



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