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Santa Fe, TX --- Yesterday morning there was yet another senseless shooting. With his father’s shotgun and .38 revolver, 17 year old, Dimitrios Pagourtzis killed 10 students and faculty, and injured 10 at Santa Fe High School. He has been taken into custody, and police are currently investigating two more suspects.

It's only half way through 2018 and there has already been 22 school shootings, THAT'S ONE SCHOOL SHOOTING PER WEEK. How many more children have to die for politicians and companies to let go of their greed?  Or are fear and pride too valuable a commodity? We cannot continue to uphold gun laws that were written in an era without assault rifles. Guns have changed. The laws have to change. It's not that complicated.

Shooting survivors, recording artists and politicians are all showing support and love have been flooding in from social media. The demand for gun control and government accountability for America’s gun culture keeps growing.

Liz Stout

Emma Gonzalez


Fifth Harmony

Scott Dworkin

Donald J. Trump

Thoughts and prayers will not keep us from getting killed. Gun reform is pertinent to the public’s safety and to the dismantling of our normalcy of violence. Now that Childish Gambino (This Is America) has called us out, do not let this tragedy be overshadowed, let us not forget the blood that continues to be spilled, nor the lives that can be saved as long as we keep paying attention. We need social reform NOW.

Speak Up against gun violence! Talk to your family, your school, your community! Click below to get involved at the government level --

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