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InRage Entertainment is home to artists of many ethnicities, including several Asian-American artists. These artists, like all of our artists are our family. And as family, we stand with them in support now and always. As we have seen the rise in attacks, racism and micro-aggressions toward Asian-Americans, we have once again been disheartened. However, at InRage, one of Automatic's sayings is "stay on the path". We will continue to work hard to support and promote our Asian-American artists, a blatantly underrepresented group in the music industry, in pursuit of their dreams. We encourage you to do the same. Lift their voices with us. Share their stories and their art by streaming and downloading their music and watching and sharing their music videos.

- The Vanderveers


March 16, 2021, 8 people were shot and killed in Atlanta. 6 of those 8 people were Asian women. A day later, an elderly Asian woman was assaulted on the streets of San Francisco. The Asian American community has come together to protest and speak up about having to #StopAsianHate. Our non-Asian American friends and family are now joining the community to help speak out about the recent increase in hate crimes against Asians. It’s 2021, this shouldn’t still be a problem in our world. We have enough problems as is. Since the beginning of the COVID Pandemic, racism against Asian Americans has gotten worse and this needs to stop.

In 2019 and 2020, Anti-Asians have spread the term COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus” on social media, because of this, our Asian American friends and family have been suffering and it’s truly saddening. There have been many reports on social media about abuse and bigotry in the world, but they are not being shared in the news; how much more suffering does the Asian community need to experience before they are recognized and judged worthy? The Asian community belongs here just as much as you and everybody else does.

As a member of the Asian American community, I never imagined seeing my grandparents, let alone my parents, show fear of going outside. The attacks in Atlanta and various other news reports in the Bay Area have seriously shocked and disappointed me. With that, racism is simply another virus that has changed our outlook on society. It is on all of us to speak out against bigotry and protect minority groups because we are all different and unique people from all walks of life.

We need to come together to educate ourselves and each other about the mistreatment and xenophobia that is embedded in all cultures, it shouldn’t be up to our Asian friends and family to do that for us.

Spread awareness through your social media platforms. In this day and age, social media is the best way to remain informed and educate those who are unfamiliar with these topics. Many Asian American celebrities have come out to use their social platforms to speak against Anti-Asian racism.

#LanaCondor from “To All The Boys” utilized her Twitter to tell her followers to “Wake up”. “Your Asian friends and family are deeply scared…” She has constantly been speaking up about the recent events explaining the amount of disappointment she’s in. She explains that this is not a world we should be living in.

#Got7 members have also expressed their concern about the violence happening in the Asian community and ask for the hatred to come to an end.

Author of #FreshOffTheBoat #EddieHuang speaks up on his Instagram and Twitter, asking other celebrities to help spread the word to bring an end to violence and racism.

What can I do? What can YOU do? What can WE do?

Take initiative, if you can, go DONATE to organizations and movements that are actively supporting the Asian American community. Here are some links to get you started:

To stay updated about this on social media, go and FOLLOW these accounts:

SIGN these petitions to make a CHANGE:

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