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She's 16 years old today, April 16th and she's releasing her debut single, 'MAGNETIC' with InRage Entertainment. Singer-songwriter and InRage artist-in-development Chloe Madeline wrote the timeless love song and collaborated with Automatic and Ebony throughout the development process.

"Chloe worked so hard on this song that when she came into the studio, she knocked it out in one take." - Automatic

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About Chloe Madeline

In case you were wondering, Chloe Madeline’s obsessions in order are: Taylor Swift, puppies and bubble tea. Born to perform, by the time she was two years old Chloe had appeared in #Gap, #Macy’s and #OldNavy ads. Influenced by #TaylorSwift’s first album, she took a break from being in front of the camera and began formal vocal training at 8 years old. Singing quickly became her true passion. Since that time, she has been in several musical theater productions, including Evita, having landed a role after learning “Santa Evita” just a few hours before auditioning. You can also see Chloe in the short film A Girl Named Khan.

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About InRage Entertainment

InRage Entertainment is a family of multi-genre artists in Los Angeles, California.



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