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Reach (2018)

InRage is proud to announce our very own Raffaela, Soto and the Krash, and James Barmore will have their music featured in the upcoming film Reach, a coming of age tale that stars Garrett Clayton, a socially awkward teen intent on committing suicide. His plans are altered however, when he befriends a new kid in school, who helps help reevaluate his whole life. The film dances around the topics of teen suicide and depression while providing an insight to the minds of young students in high school and the everyday challenges they face.

“Elephant in the Room” by Soto and the Krash, “Cherry Bomb” by James Barmore, and “I Love Me” by Raffaela, who is also be starring in the film along side actors Corbin Bernsen, Bojesse Christopher, and Joey Bragg.

The film is still set in post-production with an estimated release date sometime 2018!

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