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RAFFAELA, an InRage Entertainment development artist, comes back with her second single, 'I Love Me'!

'I Love Me' has a refreshing summer beat topped with empowering lyrics and inspiring listeners to take on the world! The music video, directed by Candice Dalsing, InRage Entertainment's Executive Creative Director, brings this vibe to life with beachy scenes filled with cool chicks wearing fur robes and roller skating. Watch her new music video on YouTube here:

RAFFAELA's new single is also featured in the new film, Reach, written and produced by Maria C. Capp. Reach is a coming of age story about a boy named Steven, played by Garrett Clayton, a socially awkward teen intent on committing suicide. But, after meeting a boy named Clarence, his plans are sidetracked and he finds himself forming stronger relationships with the people around him, including his new friend. The film dances around the topics of teen suicide and depression while bringing to light the day to day challenges young high school students face.

Visit Reach's website:

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