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New Movie, Reach, Hits Theaters October 19th

The day has finally come! After months of anticipation the new movie Reach will finally be released in select theaters and on demand on October 19th!

This coming of age film, written and produced by Maria C. Capp and directed by Leif Rokesh, is about a socially awkward teen who reveals his plans to commit suicide after dealing with being bullied by his childhood friend and his own father. But, his plans are long forgotten after meeting the new kid in school. The movie premiering during October is special because it takes place during bullying prevention month.

Featured songs by InRage artists include songs like, ‘I Love Me’ by Raffaela, ‘Cherry Bomb’ by James Barmore, and ‘Elephant in the Room’ by Soto and the Krash.

Read more about Reach, watch the trailers and see the theaters it’s being shown here.

Click here to stream ‘I Love Me’ by Raffaela.

Click here to stream ‘Cherry Bomb’ by James Barmore.

Click here to stream ‘Elephant in the Room’ by Soto and the Krash.

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