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Music by InRage Artists Featured in REACH Movie

It’s official! With music from InRage's very own artists, Reach, a dramedy about bullying, is set to debut in theatres on October 9th!

Garrett Clayton, Grant Harling, Joey Bragg, Concetta Tomei, Corbin Bernsen, Steven Thomas Capp, Natasha Capp, and InRage’s own Raffaela star in this coming-of-age dramedy.

Music from InRage artists such as 'I Love Me' by Raffaela, 'Cherry Bomb' by James Barmore, and 'Elephant in the Room' by Soto & the Krash are featured in Reach.

After being picked on by the school bully, Steven, played by Garrett Clayton, confides in a pro-suicide support group. However, his plans to commit suicide are sidetracked after befriending the new quirky kid.

Directed by Leif Rokesh and written by Maria Capp, Johnny James Fiore, and Grant Harling, Reach addresses the issue of bullying and its prevalence in high schools today.

The movie releases just in time for National Bullying Prevention Month in October.

Read more about Reach here:

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