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8 February 2019 (Los Angeles, CA) – The InRage Entertainment family welcomes singer-songwriter Klara Nazzal as their newest artist-in-development.

As a young vocalist, Klara was chosen to sing Declan Galbraith’s “Tell Me Why” for Queen Noor of Jordan, accompanied by the Jordanian National Orchestra. Since that day, she has consistently been challenging herself to face her fears.

As a young woman growing up in the Middle East, Klara enjoyed the beauty of a life in Jordan—valuable friendships, horseback riding, incredible musical experiences and loving family bonds. She also faced the all-too-common restrictions, disrespect and discrimination that have for too long accompanied the female gender in most parts of our world. Klara, a budding feminist, could not stand living in a country without human rights for women.

So, Klara and her mother, a professional violinist, both moved to America to further pursue their music careers and to live their ideals for progressive equality for women more freely.

Today, living in California, facing fears has become a meditative practice for Klara. Though the anxiety of her past follows her, she vows to put every emotion she has into her songs. Her mission is to use her voice and songs to speak to people who feel alone like she once did.

No thrills, no gimmicks. Klara's music will rest in a hammock of raw human emotion and experience. Now unafraid to expose her wounds, Klara is working with the InRage Entertainment team to find her sound as an artist. With influences ranging from #BlackSabbath, #LadyGaga, #FleetwoodMac, and #NoraJones, Klara's Les Paul guitar guides her music as she expands her songwriting skills with the help of InRage Entertainment's CEO and sole music producer, Automatic.

“Klara has the unique gift of turning her pains into gains, her hurt into worth, her downfalls into win alls! She is a vocal chameleon and can make you feel hurt and joy within the same vocal phrase. She paints with her voice. Enjoy the trip!”

Follow Klara Nazzal as she creates music that taps into the darker realms of reality and the human mind. Expect her debut single this April followed by her 5-song debut EP in summer 2019.

About Klara Nazzal

A woman of mixed heritage (a mother of German and Polish descent and a Palestinian father), Klara lived in Amman, Jordan for 18 years before moving to California to pursue music. She speaks 3 languages: English, Arabic and Polish. Klara currently studies Audio Production at The Arts Institute of California and is excited to release her debut EP this year with InRage Entertainment.

About InRage Entertainment

InRage Entertainment is a family of multi-genre artists in Los Angeles, California.




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