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25 August 2020 (Los Angeles, CA) - InRage Entertainment artist-in-development Estelle Morales releases her debut single “Rocks ’n’ Chains” produced by Sony/ATV music producer Automatic. “Rocks ’n’ Chains” is available now for download and streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and all major platforms.

A high school student who has performed with legendary artists Phil Collins and Jon Secada, Estelle Morales auditioned for InRage at 13 years old. Automatic, InRage CEO, gave her a challenge. “I want you to write something for me.” Then, he picked two items in his view: a rock and some chains. In less than 24 hours, Estelle’s manager Lisa called Automatic and Estelle sang the chorus that you hear on her debut single “Rocks ’n’ Chains”:

U got me in rocks n chains 

I can’t feel my veins cuz I'm

Broken ’n bruised yea

U got the ball ’n chain

U can take ur aim cuz I

Can take the pain...

Over the course of several months, the song took shape as Estelle shared the story of a close friend’s struggle with depression. She worked with Sony/ATV songwriter Ebony Rae Vanderveer to craft the story via FaceTime and Zoom sessions.

“I want anyone to hear this song to know that there is someone who is there for them,” says Estelle. Estelle would also like to thank Skechers for supporting her career.

If you need to talk to someone about your suicidal feelings, please do not hesitate to call the National Hopeline Network for Suicide Prevention: 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433). You can also chat with someone HERE:

About Estelle Morales

Estelle Morales is a member of Phil and Orianne Collins’ Little Dreamers being coached by soul icon Betty Wright before her passing in May 2020.

About InRage Entertainment

InRage Entertainment is a full service entertainment company and record label with a focus on artist development. We're a family of multi-genre, multi-ethnic artists in Los Angeles, California.

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