Bruce Automatic Vanderveer + Ebony Rae Vanderveer

CEO + Vice President

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John Cruz // Vice President, Business + Legal Affairs




Ricardo Ferrer started his music career in Mexico,city where he had the opportunity to work with alongside well known musical director Ricardo Ochoa. Later moving to Barcelona, Spain and to get a Masters degree in sound engineering with a recording studio speciality in musical production.He spent 7 years in Barcelona where he started working as a music producer surrounded by people such as Phil Manzanera, Carlos Cordoba (Charly Chicago) and Manolo Aguilar.In his first solo production he had the opportunity to work with Carlos Cordoba (Charly Chicago), a very well known local producer who’s worked with Howie B (U2, Bjork) Joe Dworniak (Radio Futura, Duran Duran) Ryan Geen (Offspring, Gren Day) Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music) Felix Da Housecat.Ricardo and Carlos Cordoba co-produced Nadia’s solo album named, "This is my life".Ricardo was then hired to carry out the music production for the "GAUDI" fashion show by Cortana, and went on to produce music for brands like J&B, Lóreal and Massimo Dutti to name a few.The L’Oréal production was a live show in which he had the chance to work with opera singer Oscar Marin, who has shared credits with one of the most important opera singers of the last century, Montserrat Caballe.He’s also directed electronic music events for "Ministry of Sound" in the island of ibiza and worked and produced for the agency Sofa Experience.His most recent music production, which he wrote and produced named EXCESO DE DIMENSIONES, confirms his life philosophy; “Like gravity, music always breaks down all barriers”



Erin Fleming is a seasoned actress originally from Seattle WA.

She's known for her roles in landmark TV series such as the Emmy nominated Days of Our Lives, Castle, Terminator: The
Sarah Connor Chronicles, or again her stellar performances in movies such as Custody Road. She is also a dancer, choreographer, producer, director, 360' tech artist and the CEO of Shakespeare In The Sphere: A visionary concept bringing the Shakespeare experience to a whole new immersive and multidimensional level. Erin has worked in the Hollywood industry since she was a child and grew up to be an artist with a true vision and a passion for music and the arts, she has been gifted with the ability to find and bring talents together, and is a genuine asset to have on the InRage Entertainment team.



With a bachelor’s degree in business management and a

decade of experience in music production, Gas starting working with InRage Entertainment in 2019. Johnny’s personality is a potent blend of art and business— from making instrumentals and scratch tracks out of his closet in high school to owning a recording studio, Johnny teamed up with InRage Entertainment to record is sophomore EP. Gas was born and raised in the foothills of North Carolina and is currently residing in Charlotte, NC. 

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Amanda M. Nevarez is an Assistant Director, Producer, and Director in independent film and is bringing her talents to the In Rage family as an A&R Representative. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Amanda is an avid lover of music and film, attending live music shows and film screenings as often as possible.  Amanda has also managed rap artists and bands locally for musicians that she calls friends.  She believes in an open and organic relationship with honest communication to help move forward. Amanda received her B.S. in Psychology from California State University of Northridge, has worked in computer technology as well as customer service.  Her diverse background gives her an edge on being able to connect with people from all backgrounds and perspectives.


Raised by her musician father, who was a ghost writer for many Motown and Warner artists, Rei grew up with a deeppassion for the music and artists. As an A&R, Rei Peoples specializes in film, theaterical arts and marketing. Rei is drawn to unique flares of sound.

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An Iu Mienh-American recording artist and actress based in Los Angeles, CA hoping her songs will move the hearts of all generations. Her soothingly soulful voice has brought listeners to tears. She's currently writing meaningful, powerful songs with The Vanderveers. Sirena joined the A&R team in 2020.

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Originally from the Midwest and humble beginnings, Maunty Wright is a creative entrepreneur with a passion for music and entertainment. Maunty is a television and film editor who has worked on some of your favorite reality and HGTV shows.

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Rebecca Bingenheimer was born and raised in Southern California. She went to College of the Canyons and graduated with an Associates Degree in Sound Arts. With a strong passion for video and sound editing, she is constantly developing her skills and talents within InRage Entertainment looking for her unique spot behind the scenes in music and film. 


InRage Entertainment is a multi-genre, multi-ethnic family of artists in Los Angeles, California, led by husband and wife team and Billboard chart-topping producers and songwriters Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer and Ebony Rae Vanderveer.

When Automatic started his career as a music producer, the music in his catalogue was diverse including pop, rock, R&B, and even country. The industry tried to steer him into focusing solely on one genre. As a multi-instrumentalist whose influences ranged from The Beatles to Prince, he wanted the opportunity to create hybrid music. So, he decided to start his own record label built on musical diversity.  InRage Entertainment was born.

As a company, we believe in creative freedom and we believe in developing artists. We see our relationship with our artists as a partnership. We believe in guiding artists to find the strongest version of their own creative selves. And, that’s what we do. The creative talent of our artists combined with the non-stop ingenuity of our team will inspire all of the dreamers among us.


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