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H.U.S.H. (Hollywood’s Uncovered Sexual Harassment)

As women continue to come out with allegations about Harvey Weinstein’s history of sexual assault, InRage is proud to take a stance against the injustice and objectification faced by millions of women in society.

Through manipulation and prevarication, many survivors are led to fear for their own safety and their future, leading to such a low number of assaults being reported on average. Hollywood’s Uncovered Sexual Harassment (H.U.S.H.), a documentary produced by Angela Marie Hutchinson and InRage Entertainment, tackles the issue of sexual violence in the Hollywood workplace. Its “confession style” production allows viewers an intimate look at the lives of numerous survivors. Both eye opening and controversial, this film uses the voices of women to rise up against the scrutiny of perpetrators. It not only reminds women of their worth, but the power their voices have.

If you want to personally take part in helping make a change in the system, don’t stay silent. Speak out against injustice, take part in women’s rallies, learn to recognize the signs of abuse, and call your local senators. By using your influence as a voter to reiterate concerns for sexual assault survivors, you are using the democratic process to fuel a change for good.

It is only by amplifying the voices of those silenced that we have any chance at bringing justice to the front lines.

To find the number for your local senator, click HERE

If you or anyone you know has experienced sexual assault, please contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.HOPE.

To view the trailer for H.U.S.H. click HERE

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