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Fergalicious and Felicitous: InRage’s Top 10 Favs

Loomis is an emerging InRage recording artist who incorporates sizzling sass and devotion in her reggae-esq single. Ladies, break out your leather jackets and red lipstick.

2. “Famous”

In Ty Dolla $sign’s first song from his new album, Beach House 3, he opens us up with acoustic guitar and goosebump invoking vocals. Singing about the strifes of stardom never sounded so good.

3. “Stronger Than Ever”

While most prominently known for his role as Grey Worm in Game of Thrones, Jacob Anderson, under the alias of Raleigh Ritchie, apparently got all the talent. With over 11 million hits on Spotify, the leader of the Unsullied has a vocal range many marathon runners have trouble crossing.

4. “Silence

With an unforgettable melody and a voice the exhibits raw emotion, Autumn Cymone sings about her struggle with depression in her debut single.. This InRage artist blends the lines of rock and alternative pop with with effortless ease.

5. “Mexican Fender”

The first track on Weezer’s new album, Pacific Daydream has everything from addictive guitar riffs to Rivers Cuomo’s infectious voice. This feel-good song throws music fans of all genres back to summer vacation with their crush and carefree vibes.

6. “Burning”

Sam Smith’s new single redefines soul with both a gentle piano and choir. A song to play when you’re missing your dog, when your heart is broken, or when you just want to cry and scream out lyrics at the same time, “Burning” allows you to do all three at the same time.

7. “War

Soto and the Krash gets listeners throwing up white flags and seeking a mic of their own to join in on the chorus. This band brings together compelling harmonies and rich composition with ease, fusing alternative and pop rock to stir emotions and get the heart beating faster.

8. “Too Much To Ask”

One Direction fans can all bust out the kleenex boxes with Niall Horan’s 3rd single from his debut album, Flicker. "It's a special one,” confessed the Irish singer-songwriter, “ ...It's a very nice, beautiful song and means a lot to me. I just can't wait for people to hear it. Hopefully fingers crossed that people are going to like it."

9. “Boom Boom”

Throw together RedOne, Daddy Yankee, French Montana, and Fifth Harmony’s Dinah Jane and you’re bound to make magic. With a beat that makes everyone from the the senior citizens at the retirement center to the millennials at the club want to dance, there is no frowning when “Boom Boom” comes on shuffle.

10. “Cherry Bomb

InRage’s very own renaissance man James Barmore incorporates both soul and jazz in his debut, acapella single. You might actually break a thumb or two snapping along to this “come on, get happy" song.

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