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Updated: Dec 8, 2018

James Barmore x Neptune/InRage Entertainment

7 December 2018 (Los Angeles, CA) – James Barmore "speaks himself free" in his newest release, 'Not the Cowardly Lion', the third single from his debut EP 'Chromatic Spectrum'. Barmore, a self-proclaimed renaissance man and InRage Entertainment artist, worked hand-in-hand co-producing the song with InRage CEO and producer Automatic to produce this empowering song.

"This song is my charge to myself to step into my place in this world. Taking hold of my destiny and following only that," Barmore states. In "Not The Cowardly Lion", James both exposes his insecurities and claims his power to be confident in his artistry. Through this song, he aspires to encourage others to find their destiny and follow their dreams. "That thing that you dreamed of that seemed impossible to you....THAT is the very thing that you should be pursuing."

"God himself will begin to open ways for your destiny."

Being true to the artist inside of him, Barmore wrote the lyrics himself, pouring his thoughts of recent events into 'Not the Cowardly Lion'. Barmore reassures the listener that although things seem overbearing now, the people will prevail.

Barmore's verses drip with powerful words and messages, while the freeing power comes from the chorus.

"There's no more hide and seek, don't have to click my heels three times."

James Barmore x Candice Dalsing/InRage Entertainment

Barmore wants to make it known that there is no reason to hide, the world is ours even though "there is work to be done". Alluding to the darkness of our current times, he reminds us that "it's alright, you will see" and calling for the people to


With this powerful lyric closing the chorus, Barmore calls for everyone to "ROAR, YELL, SCREAM, SHOUT... speak words of LIFE, LIBERTY, AND LOVE into yourself and others."

The stunning slow motion visual, directed by Jimmy Page is a stunning representation of the power of believing in yourself even when your dreams have not yet become a reality. Barmore states, "when I sing I resonate on another level; there is a power that manifests". He hopes that everyone who watches the visual will "look with their hearts not just their eyes."

'Not the Cowardly Lion' visual is out now.

About James Barmore

A self-proclaimed renaissance man, James Barmore is a songwriter, dancer, choreographer and a genuine old soul trapped in a young body. After recording with artists like Usher and sharing the stage with John Legend and Chance The Rapper, James released his debut EP with InRage Entertainment 'CHROMATIC SPECTRUM'. This, his first solo project is a musical representation of each chakra. James has performed at the BET Experience, Sayers Club in Hollywood, The Federal Bar just to name a few. 

About InRage Entertainment

InRage Entertainment is a family of multi-genre artists in Los Angeles, California.



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