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Updated: Jan 11, 2019

"Being different isn't easy, but I don't care
'Cuz it brought me to life when I couldn't see the light and I didn't want to face the day"

ZorDonofDoom x Candice Dalsing/InRage Entertainment

Influenced by artists Jason Mraz, Hikaru Utada and Alanis Morissette, ZorDonofDoom's songwriting comes from the heart and expresses both the emotional heaviness and eventual acceptance of being "different".

"[I want] to touch and reach the people who are in dire need of someone in their life right now. To show them that they are not alone. To let creativity flourish among people especially amongst children and young adults without them being torn down for being who they are."

As many singers do, ZorDon struggled to find her identity as an artist until she joined the InRage Entertainment Artist Development program. Automatic and the InRage Family encouraged her to embrace her inner "weirdo" and to put all the weird into her music: "ZorDon's World of gaming, cosplay and anime always came up in our artistic discussions. Every time I heard her sing, she reminded me of an edgy, rock singer like Kurt Cobain, and there's also a very melodic side to her voice, like Dolores O'Riordon's from the Cranberries (R.I.P). You can't put ZorDon in a box, so each of her songs represents different components of her wacky personality and cringe-filled life. Her music takes you away to another place. You really feel like you're in another world, ZorDon's World, when you hear her songs."

ZorDon's love of candy, anime, video games and her struggle for acceptance are all personified in her upcoming debut EP, 'THE CONFUZZLED EP' scheduled for release on InRage Entertainment in 2019.


+ ZorDon's favorite food is Sinigang, a sour soup and she likes it best with ox tail.

+ She was born on an important holiday in the Philippines: People Power Revolution.

+ She studied nursing at De La Salle Health Sciences Institute in the Cavite, Philippines.

+ She absolutely despises butterflies.

+ She memorized the entirety of Phantom of the Opera when she was 6 years old.

+ She loves playing RPGs.

+ Doctor Who = Bae.

Until then, listen to and share the official audio below. Animation created by InRage's Young Imaginator, Camber.




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