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15 November 2018 (Los Angeles, CA) – The InRage Entertainment family welcomes Camber as its first YOUNG IMAGINATOR.

An imaginator is one who imagines and creates. And, there couldn’t be a better way to describe 13-year-old, hapa Japanese American dreamer, Camber. Her drawings, sculptures, animation, writing, are influenced by her Japanese heritage through music, anime and video games. One of her role models is Walt Disney, the man who said, “it was all started by a mouse”, all of which includes creating worlds and its characters for us to see and experience and look up to in his films, resorts and attractions.

Just like Walt Disney and other memorable creators and big dreamers like Albert Einstein and Stan Lee, Camber explores her imagination and creativity as a natural part of her essence. She often communicates her ideas using doodles and songs.

“Camber’s natural talent and creativity blows our minds! The way the rest of us think in words, Camber thinks in images. She has a natural gift for art and creativity. At this young age, she is such a hard worker that we have no doubt that she will be successful in every creative venture she puts her brilliant brain to.”
- The Vanderveers, InRage Entertainment Owners

If you follow Camber on Instagram, you can see all of her creative musings. From animations to Disneybounding costumes her own line of cool socks, Camber is DIY queen. Her DIY skills extend to her food too when she makes cloud eggs and chocolate chip cookies with her mom.

InRage has lots of plans to showcase Camber’s creativity. For her first professional project with InRage, Camber created the cover art and official audio animation for InRage artist ZorDonofDoom’s debut single “Welcome to My World” releasing November 16th.

As an artist, Camber hopes to not only entertain, but to inspire others to discover the imaginator in themselves for their own expression and to strive for their dreams.

Watch out for Camber as she plays “little ZorDon” in ZorDonofDoom’s debut music video “Welcome to My World”.

About InRage Entertainment

InRage Entertainment is a family of multi-genre artists in Los Angeles, California.




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