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Sirena is on a journey with InRage Entertainment to bring shine to her Iu-Mien culture and all people of Southeast Asian descent, one song at a time. After her alluring performance at the Sacramento Iu-Mien Festival in February, Sirena releases her debut, self-titled EP!

With a solid track list of 5 songs, Sirena features the songstress's single, "I Am (Doin' Alright)" and her cultural anthem "M.I.E.N", along with fan favorite 2 AM.

Peep the tracklist, then stream the EP:

3. I Wanna Be A Wizard

4. Blood Bath

5. 2 AM

Sirena is out NOW on all music platforms! Keep your ears open...

In the meantime... listen to Sirena's top tracks below:

Read more about Sirena here and follow her on Instagram.

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