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Monsta X and French Montana Release Music Video For New Collab Song 'Who Do You Love?'

27 June 2019 (Los Angeles, CA) — K-pop group Monsta X are on a quick climb to the top in the music world in America. From their first appearance on the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball stage to their special guest appearance on the hit cartoon 'We Bare Bears', #MonstaX are making a name for themselves throughout America. And after June 21st, Monsta X can add their collab with popular American rapper, French Montana to their list of international accomplishments after releasing their newest song, 'Who Do U Love?'.

'Who Do U Love?' came out on June 14 and was automatically a hit among fans. The English lyrics mixed with an addictive instrumental, French Montana's talent in rapping and the talented voices of the 7 members of Monsta X, the song has all the components of a hit.

On June 21 Monsta X and #FrenchMontana dropped the music video for their collaboration on #YouTube, which as of now has 3.5 views.

The music video has a luxurious vibe with each member wearing a sleek, well put together outfit and each getting their own separate lavish setting. French Montana getting his screen time during his rap, he is also radiating luxury-vibes with his outfit and background as well. Although the music video does not have a lot of choreo present, Monsta X's vocals shine throughout the song with rapper #Jooheon changing up his position and singing vocals instead.

This collaboration between Monsta X and French Montana could lead to doors opening for many other opportunities for them and other K-pop artists.

Watch their new music video here!

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