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iKon's Bobby Returns With Second Full Album

On January 25, 2021, rapper Kim Ji-won or as fans know as Bobby from iKon, has made his highly anticipated return with a 2nd full album called #LuckyMan! Since his first successful full album release of #Love and Fall in 2017, fans have been thrilled about his comeback.

Love and Fall definitely has a more refreshing feeling but this new album brings a stronger and faster-paced hip-hop vibe which includes 17 tracks. He even collaborates with two of his group members, Donghyuk(DK) and Junhoe(JU-NE) on two of his tracks. Shortly after its release on January 25, it has definitely called attention to itself and struck iTunes charts across the country. Just a little after a week, his title song “U MAD” has reached over 4 million views.

Check out his new song #UMAD below!

On top of his new album, YG Entertainment has also announced a new web series that would appeal to Bobby’s fans and those who are being introduced to his music.

You can watch the first episode of the web series here!

Hopefully, Bobby has more in store for his fans in the future!

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