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28 January 2020 (Los Angeles, CA) – InRage Entertainment artist-in-development Klara Nazzal released her debut EP In The Veins of Azaela January 10. The EP, produced by Sony/ATV writer/producer Automatic is available for download and streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and most major digital music retailers.

Listen to In The Veins of Azaela HERE

“The azalea is the Chinese symbol of womanhood. The flower represents passion, vulnerability and women’s empowerment. The title is a sort of metaphor. These songs represent what runs through me”, Klara explains. The songs on Klara’s EP were all written at different times in her life and at different ages. Klara wrote the oldest song on the EP, This Scares Me, at the age of 12.

In The Veins of Azaela streamed over 100,000 within a week of its release with global listeners in the UK, Germany, Canada, Brazil and the United States.

Available HERE, In The Veins of Azaela was produced, mixed and mastered by Grammy-nominated Sony/ATV producer and writer Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer with co-production on Reverse by Klara herself. Reverse, a song written this year, is especially dear to Klara. According to Klara, “it represents how strong women are and it’s all about #feminism and the problem with sexist men around the world.”

View the In The Veins of Azaela trailer HERE

Klara’s musical abilities were passed down from her mother and Executive Producer of the album Anna Mat, a professional violinist. The EP showcases alternative, pop, rock and acoustic genres. “My full EP is just a bunch of experiences I’ve had growing up from age 12 and I am sharing those experiences with my audience,” Klara explains. Even though the EP is connected to very personal experiences for Nazzal, she does not want to impose meanings on the listener. “I want people to take the songs in their own way,” says Nazzal.

This EP is released two years after Klara moved from Jordan to the United States to pursue her dream of becoming a recording artist. “I just love the U.S.; L.A. has turned into my home. [InRage is] super supportive, I feel like it’s a family. I love working with InRage,” says Klara.

About Klara

Klara Nazzal is a singer-songwriter from Jordan who has had the honor of performing for Queen Noor of Jordan, accompanied by the Jordanian National Orchestra. A woman of mixed heritage (a mother of #German and #Polish descent and a #Palestinian father), Klara lived in Amman, Jordan for 18 years before moving to California to pursue music. She speaks 3 languages: English, Arabic and Polish. Klara currently studies at Musician’s Institute in #Hollywood.

About InRage Entertainment

InRage Entertainment is a family of multi-genre artists in #LosAngeles, California.



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