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James Barmore's New Single As Sweet As "Nectar" | From debut EP 'CHROMATIC SPECTRU

James Barmore's latest single from the upcoming EP, "Chromatic Spectrum" takes the listener on a smooth, sensual journey. Helping to bring the record to life, student director Alyssa Hall created a dance lyric video starring Tai White, Lainey Bowers and the artist himself. Following up his debut release "Cherry Bomb", "Nectar" represents the Sacral Chakra which holds the expression of sexuality, and sensual pleasure.

A note from the artist: "'Nectar" was crafted based on the idea of what a sexual encounter would have been with someone that I was interested in. But upon creating the visual for this song, the meaning grew a little deeper. This world lives within the confines of titles and status. Without a doubt, being a new artist and face I knew it would come into question at one point or another so instead of waiting I decided to say something now. "Nectar" for me says now that being conscious or aware has no gender, no race, no status so who I love, doesn't matter, and the acceptance of that is what ruffles feathers. I think B.Slade said it best, "Some people are straight, some people are gay, baby, I'm just sexual".

"Chromatic Spectrum" the debut EP from James Barmore is available worldwide Friday, January 26, 2018. Taste a little "Nectar" in the meantime...

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