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Is CL's Improper Use of the Koran the reason YG Boycotts MAMA 2016?

YG, if the King of anything, has been the King of K-pop Drama, but have they gone too far by boycotting MAMA 2016? Everyone knows that MAMA is the biggest event of the year for K-Pop, even bigger than the AMA's to pop music. When one of the Big Three, in this case YG, decided not to attend this momentous award show, fans started looking for someone to blame. YG's representatives blamed their absence because of hectic schedules and the uncertainty of winning an award. However, many fans speculate that the real reason is because of YG's latest scandal-- CL using stolen religious citations of the Koran as background music for her song "MTBD." The Korea Muslim Federation spoken against CL for making light of this issue. Although CL "apologized" at a concert, many fans were very unimpressed with the one-line apology. With the recent trend of giving artist's a black ocean, maybe it is best for YG to be on the down low. Leave a comment below and don't forget to follow our social media accounts! Until next time.

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