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InRage + Twice= I'm Gonna Be A Star

What happens when you put InRage's talented Automatic and Ebony (Ebonmatic) and Korea's most successful girl group (Twice)? …an extremely jamming song! That right! InRage's Automatic and Ebony co-wrote "I'm Going to Be a Star" for JYP's Twice. The song is being called a hidden gem amongst Once, as it is only available on the physical copy of Twice's Page Two (EP), which has currently sold more than 200,000 copies and placed 6th on America's Billboard, 16th on Japan's Oricon, 4th on Taiwan's G-Music, and 2nd on Korea's Gaon. Nick James, blogger of TheBiasList, said that the "song lives and dies on this party production, acting as a strange little hype track that serves as an anthem to the determination necessary for rookie groups to become top-tier." Hopefully, this song gives energy to many future K-pop stars to keep going till they too become a star. If you could write a song for Twice, what would you call it? Leave a comment below and don't forget to follow our social media accounts! Until next time.

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