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This Rock Band Will Make You Feel Like You're Amongst The Stars

31 May 2019 (Los Angeles, CA) — InRage Entertainment is adding to our growing family by welcoming our first band in development, In The Stars.

The hybrid rock band brings high energy music to the stage with lots of soul and love. Their music can go from "pounding anthems to brooding lullabies" and with a varying spectrum of songs their music will never get boring. In The Stars' music brings in influences from iconic bands like #GreenDay, #Muse, and The #FooFighters. The band's Southern roots give them their earthy grittiness.

Founding members of the band, lead vocalist Daxton "Dax" Edwards and guitarist Maurice "Mo" Thomas share "a drive for musical excellence" and this drive has propelled them to joining InRage's development program.


Daxton "Dax" Edwards - Lead Vocalist

As the lead vocalist, Dax knows how to win over a crowd. His bright vocals and high energy keep the audience lit! Dax is a black belt in two different styles of martial arts, and he loves adventure. He has a mild obsession with Peter Pan and Neverland.

Maurice "Mo" Thomas - Lead/Rhythm Guitar

In The Stars' lead guitarist grew up in Tennessee which exposed him to many different styles of music. As a multi-talented guitarist, Maurice Thomas aka "Motron 5000", plays in many genres ranging from blues to grunge. He loves Lord Of The Rings and he's a Scorpio.

Marissa Johnson - Drums

This fierce woman behind the drums is what gives this band it's heartbeat. Johnson's deep interest in blues and alternative rock music influences her musical energy which ranges from fun and vibrant to dark and forlorn. Marissa aka "Lena Rose" loves pigs; they are her favorite animal and she hasn't eaten them in 11 years.

David Greene - Bassist

Greene is the newest addition to In The Stars and he has found his rightful place within the band. Greene is a magician on the bass-- in one instance he can put the audience in a trance and in the next, invigorate them to their feet. Greene is a major Scooby Doo fan.

About InRage Entertainment

InRage Entertainment is a family of multi-genre artists in Los Angeles, California.



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