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Music producer turned recording artist, Johnny Gas joins the InRage Entertainment family premiering his self-produced album 'NOTHING PERSONAL'. With his relaxed, Southern swag, Johnny Gas blends vibey rap beats with his cool vocals and sensual lyrics. Influenced by hip hop and RnB artists like Drake and John Mayer, Johnny Gas never takes the same road twice. His belief in diversity through art and music is what motivates him to cross genre lines and is ultimately why Johnny teamed up with multi-genre creative company InRage Entertainment and hybrid producer Automatic of Sony/ATV (Christina Aguilera, P!NK, Cher, James Brown, XIA, Twice) and founder of InRage.

"This album is a story of my personal journey as an artist...all the highs and the lows, all the mistakes and triumphs, and all of the lessons I have learned."

'NOTHING PERSONAL' fully embodies the meaning of the process it takes to arrive at a "taking nothing personal" attitude. If someone has ever said to you "it's nothing personal", then you will be able to immediately connect with the emotions behind this album. Songwriters use their personal stories and create songs out of the experiences and memories that have shaped them. Creativity is highly personal. But artists are often asked to set aside their personal connection to their art and look at it from a different perspective. These experiences are what we hear from Johnny Gas in 'NOTHING PERSONAL'. As the album develops, we hear the artist explore what becomes of a person who takes everything personally and the inner hatred that develops because of it. The album ends with the idealism of letting go of hate, facing ones fears, and arriving at a place where he genuinely takes nothing personal.

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About Johnny Gas

The diversity that surrounded Johnny Gas from his youth influences his artistry in more ways than one. He fell in love with hip hop at a young age when he and his peers would freestyle at the lunch in middle school. He purchased his first computer and recording equipment to start producing when he was 16 after he landed a part-time job at a local pawn shop. Johnny produced other artists for years until he decided that his love for songwriting matched his passion for production. 'NOTHING PERSONAL' is Johnny Gas' first solo album as a recording artist. Johnny Gas joins the InRage Entertainment family to record and produce his second collection of music in 2019.

About InRage Entertainment

InRage Entertainment is a family of multi-genre artists in Los Angeles, California.



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