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13 November 2018 (Los Angeles, CA) – The InRage Entertainment family welcomes emerging recording artist Chloe Madeline as their newest artist-in-development.

Chloe Madeline - InRage Entertainment
Chloe Madeline x Neptune/InRage Entertainment

Fun-sized and fierce, singer-songwriter Chloe Madeline’s uninhibited, wholehearted lyrics will give you the lump in your throat that you never knew you wanted. From the day she was born, her parents knew that she had a “voice”. All the babies in the nursery mewed like little kittens but Chloe’s cry was the loudest by many decibels. Even so, they never would have guessed that Chloe would grow into a passionate, prolific songwriter. Throughout her development process with InRage, Chloe Madeline is joining forces with Vice President and vocal coach Ebony Rae Vanderveer (Sony Music Publishing) to hone her songwriting skills and expand her natural musical abilities.

In signing with InRage, Alexandra Blackbird, Executive Director of A&R, said, “Chloe has a firecracker spirit and a determination unique to a young talent of her age. When I first heard and saw Chloe on a submitted video, I got chills from the piercing fierceness in her eyes and was taken by the seriousness at how she presented her original music on ukulele.”

A multi-instrumentalist and student of ballet, Chloe is an artist to watch for 2019. This month, she begins collaborating with InRage CEO and A-list Sony/ATV music producer, Automatic (P!nk, Christina Aguilera, Twice, Kim Junsu): “For such a young writer, Chloe has an innate understanding of how to please the listener with great melodic content while, at the same time, she services her own need of expressing her emotions. Her lyrics always surprise me because she’ll sing something lyrically profound then follow up with teenage swag lingo. I really dig what she’s doing as a songwriter. I think we’re going to create songs that people of all ages will like.”

Having been compared to great songwriters of our time, her melodies, lyrics, and pop vocal style are a piercing, uncut reflection of her millennial experiences. Expect her debut EP with InRage Entertainment in 2019.

About Chloe Madeline

In case you were wondering, Chloe Madeline’s obsessions in order are: Taylor Swift, puppies and bubble tea. Born to perform, by the time she was two years old Chloe had appeared in #Gap, #Macy’s and #OldNavy ads. Influenced by #TaylorSwift’s first album, she took a break from being in front of the camera and began formal vocal training at 8 years old. Singing quickly became her true passion. Since that time, she has been in several musical theater productions, including Evita, having landed a role after learning “Santa Evita” just a few hours before auditioning. You can also see Chloe in the short film A Girl Named Khan.

About InRage Entertainment

InRage Entertainment is a family of multi-genre artists in Los Angeles, California.




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