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inRage Entertainment apprentices work directly with inRage owner and Grammy-nominated, Sony/ATV music producer and songwriter Bruce "Automatic" Vanderveer in "in studio" training sessions with inRage artists, major-label and independent artists in multiple genres.

Each apprentice gets a minimum of 12 credits on released records.

For more information on how you can become an apprentice with Automatic, e-mail




Puerto Rico-born Andy grew up listening to reggaeton, salsa, and bachata before relocating to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As the class clown, he  NEEDED to learn English, so, at age 8, he did. At 11 he wrote his first full song being influenced by Will Smith, Daddy yankee, Don Omar, and Michael Jackson. Andy has been an apprentice with Automatic since 2019 and his focuses are producing, mixing, and audio engineering. 

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Cody A.K.A 'Komplikated' grew up in the San Fernando Valley and currently resides in North Hollywood. He began playing trumpet at a young age in the school orchestra and that was the beginning of his musical journey. In his teen years he was involved in the local punk/ska scene and played trumpet in a ska band named Sektor 8. Soon thereafter, he discovered electronic music and his musical landscape was changed forever. 

Cody now draws influence from dubstep, trance, house, chillout and ambient music. His primary instrument is piano, as well as a Maschine studio.

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Though music runs in M3DI's family, it wasn't until his time in the Navy that he connected with his musical gift in a purposeful way. With his guitar as his companion, he sang songs with his fellow sailors, giving them the comfort and escape they needed as they endured the challenges of military life. It was those moments of inspiration that sparked M3DI's desire to pursue music as a career. An accomplished pianist and vocalist, M3DI is beginning his journey with the inRage family as both artist-in-development and production apprentice.

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Raised by her musician father, who was a ghost writer for many Motown and Warner artists, Rei grew up with a deeppassion for the music and artists. As an A&R, Rei Peoples specializes in film, theaterical arts and marketing. Rei is drawn to unique flares of sound.

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Sara Spalione has been writing songs as a hobby since she was just a tween. She dabbled in a few professions before deciding to pursue her passion of songwriting. While working as a real estate agent, she wrote and starred in a rap video, that went viral, which really inspired her to take songwriting seriously. With musical influences including Eminem, Sublime, Tom Petty, Wu-Tang & Green Day, her style is more reggae, hip-hop, but she can write any genre. She is now super excited to be a songwriter and production apprentice with inRage Entertainment. 

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