Through her pain, Sunkee Angel has had many successes. She has over 5 MILLION views on her online videos. Most recently, her music was featured on TMZ when her song "Piss On Donald Trump" was used in a Tik Tok video by Claudia Conway. Sunkee Angel has a huge following on Tik Tok for her hilariously funny videos and comedic skits. She has shared film sets with some of Hollywood’s greatest including Angela Basset. You may have seen Sunkee on #LHHLA, Seatbelt Psychic, 911 on #Fox, Family Reunion on #Netflix, #Buzzfeed, and #WorldStar. The GIF of Sunkee driving her Jackie Mobile down the freeway as her character "Aunt T Jackie" was featured on the #EllenShowIt probably shows up in your phone GIFs if you type in “dancing on the highway”. Sunkee is everywhere!

Though discrimination, threats, and physical danger have accompanied Sunkee’s journey to become a woman, she continues pursuing her career as an entertainer as an open book. She shares her transition story on Facebook to encourage others who may be going through the same thing. Sunkee Angel has her first short film coming out March 1st, entitled Emotions of 2020. This short film will be about all of the emotions she experienced during 2020 and will give viewers an insight into Sunkee Angel's life. She is the writer, producer, and director of Emotions of 2020 as well as the owner of Trans Alien Studios, her production company. Sunkee Angel continues to amaze and make the InRage family proud!


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