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The Return Of Day6

#Day6 is finally making their highly anticipated comeback for #MyDays! After a year of their last album release, The Book Of Us: The Demon, JYP has confirmed that they have been preparing for a new album. It has been announced that their comeback date will be on April 19th, 2021 with an album called, The Book Of Us: Negentropy.

Make sure you go and listen to #ZorDonofDoom's newest lyric video, A Letter For You here!

After the release of The Book Of Us: The Demon, it was announced that members #Jae and #Sungjin would halt further activities and releases due to health-related issues. During that time, members #Wonpil, #Dowoon, and #YoungK announced they would become the group's first sub-unit #EvenOfDay. They debuted on August 31st, 2020, with a mini-album called The Book Of Us: Gluon. Make sure to check them out below!

In the meantime, you can stay updated on the boys as #Jae streams on his Twitch channel @eaJParkOfficial. On one of his recent streams, he stated that the band is always working on new music and hopes that we are looking forward to their new album.

As we patiently wait for their return, go and support them by watching their Epilogue Film, Chaos swallowed up in love.

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