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Faith Nguyen, a new singer songwriter, has recently joined InRage Entertainment; a Black-owned, multi-genre, multi-ethnic family of artists based in Los Angeles, California. “I’m brand new, and I’m still figuring out who I am as an artist,” she said. “I am humbled to be joining InRage in order to find my voice, I’m so excited to be part of this creative family.”

In 2007, Faith moved with her father from Vietnam to the United States to reunite with her grandparents, who passed away shortly thereafter. The rest of her family stayed in Vietnam, reluctant to start over in a new place.

“I learned to be independent, self-motivated; to stand on my own two feet. To define my own happiness, connect with my inner child; to enjoy the simple things that life offers me, and heal the invisible pains,” she said. This message of healing and hope is something Nguyen wants to share with her audience. She encourages people to find their authenticity by digging deep and searching their soul for who they truly are. “Your beginning may be humble, but your beginning doesn’t matter more than what you are doing now,” she said.

Inspired by the likes of #Adele, #TheBeatles and #CelineDion, Faith’s audience can expect to be delighted with refreshing, urban pop songs that tell a story.

The Vanderveers are excited to develop Faith's sound as the first Vietnamese artist to work with InRage. "She is very new to making music, but her personal journey is going to give her a lot of things to say in her original music,” says Ebony Rae Vanderveer, InRage Entertainment's VP.

Nguyen chose to partner with InRage because their values align with her own. "The world is very crazy, and I strive to bring a little happiness. Make just one person happy, just one, and that will make my day,” Nguyen said.



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